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About Long Haul Travel

Long Haul Travel is a web service provided by Canadian Himalayan Expeditions, Ltd., one of Canada’s oldest and most experienced international adventure travel companies, specializing in adventure travel to some of the world’s most exotic locales since 1988.

Long Haul Travel provides people across Canada, and Canadians around the world, with access to the world’s most powerful Multi-Stop International airfare construction software, the Airtreks TripPlanner, developed in California by Airtreks, Inc., and modified especially for use by Long Haul Travel in Canada. Complemented by the knowledgeable staff of air travel sales counselors at Airtreks, Long Haul Travel provides you with the best value Multi-Stop International travel services, tailored to suit Canadian travelers, with TripPlanner prices in Canadian dollars.

For those wanting to stick a little closer to home but still have a great, international adventure, we also help Canadians discover the richness and beauty of the Pacific coast of Mexico on their own tailor-made Aventura Pacifico, where incredible beaches, whale-watching, zip-lining, sea-kayaking and kite-surfing, to mention just a few of the many optional adventure activities in this true tropical paradise, await just a short flight from all Canadian cities.


Photo Courtesy of Matthew Weinreb